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January 5, 2021 Insider Tips for Selling Your Clothes in Person

With almost 30 years of experience in resale fashion, we’re happy to share our insider tips for selling your clothes in person. We understand that a first-time seller may be nervous about what to expect, but you’ll learn here that it’s quite easy.

Walk the Store

The first step is to get to know the store, and the best way to do that is to “shop” it! Walk the sales floor and ask yourself questions like:

-Which brands and trends do the buyers seem to favor?

-Which department racks are packed? (The store may not buy more maxi dresses if their current rack of maxi dresses is overflowing).

-Which department racks look empty? (The store is likely looking to buy more of these items. This is true of sizes within departments too. For example, a rack with only a few pairs of jeans in a size large means the store may need more of that size).

Photo of graphic tees

Ask the Staff

Whether it’s before you sell or during your selling experience, ask staff what they’re currently looking for. They usually have that answer at the top of their head. In the case of Crossroads, you can always review our online selling guide too. It’s based on trends reported directly from our stores.

Photo of a clothing buyer

Don’t Overlook Vintage Pieces

Vintage and retro pieces are very popular right now. Don’t be afraid to bring in an older band t-shirt or a neon jacket from the 80’s. You may be surprised that some of these items are gems to thrift shoppers.

Rack of vintage clothing

Consider Consignment for Designer Pieces

You’ll likely want a higher price for your designer items, so ask the store if they offer consignment. All Crossroads locations do, except for our outlet store in Stockton. In the case of consignment, you’re paid when the item sells (versus on-the-spot), but the payouts are higher and based on the listed price. You can find the Crossroads consignment payout chart here.

Case of designer accessories

They’re simple, but these are our insider tips for selling your clothes in person to a resale store. Of course, we hope you choose to sell to one of our store locations. If you happen to live further away from one of those, check out our Sell By Mail option.

Happy selling!


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