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January 9, 2024 Retail Jobs in Fashion: What You’ll Learn

When you’re itching to kick off your fashion career, you quickly learn that retail jobs in fashion are the perfect entry point.

You get a firsthand look at how the fashion industry operates and develop foundational skills that last your entire career.

Here are just 3 of the things you’ll learn:

1. Customer Service

One of the best parts about working in fashion retail is the ability to help people look good and feel great about their shopping choices.

If you’re the friend people call to help style a special look–or if you just love talking to people–then you’ll up your game with formal customer service training.

two employees standing at a clothing rack, working retail jobs in fashion

2. Trend Forecasting

When your days are spent among racks of the latest clothing drops, you get a front seat look at store seasonal changes. You also learn which items to highlight through visual merchandising.

Soon, you know which styles, silhouettes, and trends are most likely to emerge from the runway shows straight into stores.

woman holding a beige boot under the text, "What we're buying for winter."

3. What Sells

It doesn’t take long at the store register to learn what customers love and what they pass on.

In a fashion resale store like Crossroads, this is invaluable. You’ll pick up an eye for best sellers and learn which pieces get customers really excited.

two people holding Crossroads shopping bags

An added plus: choose retail jobs in sustainable fashion and merge your passion for fashion with your desire to promote a good cause. You can even get started at Crossroads!