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February 16, 2023 How to Mail Clothes to Sell for Cash

It’s time to mail clothes to sell for cash! Whether you’ve just wrapped up a new year’s resolution to update your wardrobe, or a big spring clean for a fresh start, we have a way for you to turn your pre-loved clothing into cash or store credit.

Our Sell by Mail service is available year-round for sellers in the continental U.S., and it’s super easy to use.

photo of how to mail clothes to sell to Crossroads Trading

So, why choose Crossroads when you mail your clothes to sell?

It’s Simple and Free

It’s so simple, we can show you all the steps you need to follow in this 1-minute tutorial:

We Share Exactly What We’re Looking For

Our buyers are looking for seasonal clothing in excellent condition, and we create a helpful selling guide each season to show you exactly what we’re looking to buy. Compare it against your unwanted clothing to decide what to send in.

Earn Cash Or Store Credit

If you live near a Crossroads Trading store location, you have the option to choose a 50% store credit over a 30% cash payment. Use the credit to shop in any of our stores.

Your Earnings Are Clear

We price your clothing for what we can sell it for, then give you 30% cash or 50% store credit from that amount. No foggy pricing structure here.


We’re convinced our Sell by Mail program is the best option out there. Go ahead and get started by ordering your free bag!