Blog: Crossroads Style

July 21, 2022 Yes, You Can Mail In Clothes to Sell

For years, our busy sellers would tell us how great it would be if they could mail in clothes to sell when they didn’t have time to stop into one of our many stores.

Then, we started to hear from people who had moved away from one of our stores but couldn’t forget about it. They’d ask if they could mail in clothes to sell to us.

So, we spent months building a way to make our selling service available across the continental U.S., and we’ve now successfully offered this service for years. Our Sell by Mail option is a popular one for people with on-trend, gently used clothes that need to sell their clothes from the convenience of home. It starts with a request for a free mail-in bag with pre-paid postage and ends with cash payment via Zelle or store credit for when you have time to visit a store.

Photo of sell by mail bag

Sound interesting? It’s so simple you can see all the steps in less than 20 seconds. Take a look:

Start the process by visiting our online selling guide to see if you have any of the trends we’re currently looking for. Then, order your bag and fill it up!