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June 8, 2023 When You Should Mail In Consignment Clothes

When you’re fresh off a closet cleanout, you want the unwanted fashion pieces off your hands fast. If you usually set up an appointment at your local consignment store, hear us out on why we think you should sometimes mail in consignment clothes to a Sell by Mail service instead.

There are 2 major reasons:

1. Mail-in Consignment Clothes are No Longer Consignment Clothes

“Consignment” means you leave an item with a consignment store and hope it sells. You don’t receive payment for the piece until it sells in the store (if it even does). While this can be a great choice for higher-priced designer pieces, it’s not ideal for the rest of your clothing.

Here’s why: with a Sell by Mail service like the one from Crossroads, their buyers assess your pieces and buy outright the items they think they can sell. You get paid right away, whether the piece sells in the store or not. They take on all the risk, and you have money in your hands.

2. You Can Sell From Home

No time to haul your pre-loved clothes over to a consignment store? With our service, you order a selling bag from our website, fill it up, and use the prepaid postage label on it to send it off. Look how easy the process is!

photo of how to mail clothes to sell to Crossroads Trading

Ready to give it a try with that pile of unwanted clothing you’ve been staring at for weeks? Order your free bag and get started.