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June 8, 2021 Matching Sets Will Save the Day

If you find yourself staring blankly at your closet each morning for way too long, matching sets will save the day. They are the quickest way to decide what to wear for the day, while magically making you look pulled together too.

With matching sets making this morning choice easier for you, you’ll now have more time to dedicate to other important decisions, like shoes and jewelry. And maybe one day, in the distant future, when you’re really ready for it, you can mix the pieces of your matching set as separates with other pieces.

Here are some sets that we’ve pre-approved, all pulled from the sales floors of our stores.

photo of white eyelet matching outfit set

Pack this white eyelet set for dinners at the beach. Add gold hoop earrings and sandals.

photo of red matching outfit set

This set has dancing date written all over it.

photo of bright green matching outfit set

For those mornings when you just need to get stuff done.

photo of blue quilted matching set

Navy. Quilted. Short set. Need.

photo of yellow floral matching set

There’s an almost vintage feel to this matching set in a bright floral.

photo of active wear matching set

Matching activewear sets aren’t just for the gym, especially on hot summer days.

We’re so convinced that matching sets will save the day that we’ve been buying them into our stores for you to shop. From sporty to evening to WFH, we love them all. Look for your own set when you stop into any of our stores. We’re here to get you your mornings back!




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