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July 13, 2023 Have You Tried Metallic Shoes Yet?

Metallic shoes rarely get the credit they’re due, likely because they’re, well, rare.

But we like metallic shoes for adding a dash of something unexpected to a look, turning even a simple outfit into something more. So we keep our eyes open for them, whether we’re buying from the public at our selling counter or shopping the racks of our stores.

They come in more styles than you might imagine too. Here are some examples of the styles you can find.


You don’t need to wear these only with formal looks. Try them with your basics.

photo of person wearing metallic shoes


Go sky-high with platforms, and pair them with metallic clothing pieces for even more impact.

photo of person wearing metallic shoes

Ballet Flats

We’re on the lookout for metallic ballet flats. They look as great with weekend shorts as workweek trousers.

photo of person wearing metallic shoes

photo of person in outfit for work


Metallic sneakers are the ultimate find! You’ve struck gold if you come across a pair.

photo of person in wedge sneakers


You can even find metallic boots to add to your closet. This pair is seasonless.

photo of person in knee-high boots

Do you have a pair of metallic shoes in your closet? Style them and share the look with us on Instagram by tagging @crossroadstrading. Or, if you have a pair that you no longer love, bring them to our buyers to assess for cash or trade credit!


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