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April 29, 2021 Neon Fashion is Back from the ’80s

Neon fashion is back from the ’80s, and its bright tones make us so happy about summer days ahead. On top of that, the thrill of hunting for vintage neon pieces makes finding an official ’80s piece even more exciting.

It’s a bold look for sure, so consider your comfort level before you select your piece. Some people will go in 100% with a neon tracksuit, some will pick up just one great piece like the yellow leather jacket below, and some will want to start with a simple touch, like the neon sunglasses we feature here.

Whichever you decide, your outfit is guaranteed to benefit from the fun pop of color.

Neon pieces can be found in all our store locations, as you can see from the photos from our stores’ Instagram feeds below. And if you have a neon piece at home that never really fit into your wardrobe, bring it into one of our stores to sell. Or, sell it to us by mail!

photo of rack of neon clothing

photo of neon yellow pants and shoes

photo of neon yellow sunglasses

photo of track suit with neon highlights

photo of woman with neon jacket

photo of neon purple platform shoes

photo of neon pink fanny pack

photo of neon clothing, purse and sneakers

photo of neon running shoes

We know we’re thrilled that neon fashion is back from the ’80s, but how about you? If you find a great neon piece in one of our stores, please promise to share it online and tag us at @crossroadstrading so we can see it!


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