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December 29, 2020 New Year’s Eve Looks for Home

The end of 2020 requires us to plan for New Year’s Eve looks for home. If you’re like us, we still like to plan our outfit for the evening. Don’t worry, this year is the easiest ever. We have just a few ideas here that will get you NYE-ready while barely lifting a finger. That leaves you plenty of time to open a bottle of sparkling wine and make a heaping plate of microwave nachos. Actually sounds kind of nice, doesn’t it?

Thick Knits

Did you take up knitting during quarantine? Now is the time to show off your work!

Thick Knit Sweater

A Jumper

Get in, zip it up and you’re ready. We’re down.

Woman in Jumper

Zoom on the Top

You’ve perfected this look all year on your Zoom work calls! There’s no better fashion tribute than to wear it on the last night of the year.

Woman in nice top and sweats

Man in button up and sweat shorts

Sweatsuit Set

If your sweatsuit top and bottom match, is it kind of fancy? Yes, of course.

Woman in sweatsuit


Go ahead and make that second plate of microwave nachos. The onesie has your back!

Man in Onesie

Here’s to ending a year where we have to count on New Year’s Eve looks for home. Next New Year’s Eve, we’ll be dancing the night away with our best friends, right?  Happy New Year!


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