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December 31, 2020 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Yes, we did it: we reached the end of 2020. In our last post of the year, we’re here to share some New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep. The best part? We can help!

Ocean with words Be Green

More than ever, we know we need to do our part to protect the planet. It can be done in many ways, big and small. If you’re a fashion lover, one way is to buy and sell secondhand clothes. It decreases the need for new clothing pieces to be created, and it keeps unwanted clothing out of landfill. You know where you find us across the country.

The words Save MoneyThis is one of the most popular resolutions, for good reason. Saving money will help you reach your future goals. We can help you with this goal in two different ways. First, you can bring in your unwanted clothing to sell at any of our store locations or by mail. We give cash on the spot. Or, you can take store credit instead and shop our store for “new” items to add to your closet. You’ll save money on clothing purchases all year long.

The Words Dress Up More Often

We’re all ready to dress up again, aren’t we? Fortunately, things are looking brighter for 2021. But whether you’re attending a Zoom birthday party this spring or finally hosting a dinner party by the year’s end, we know how much fun you have dressing up. See out stores as a revolving closet, where you buy and sell back pieces so you can play with fashion and your individual style. It’s what we do!

Here’s to making New Year’s resolutions you can keep. Welcome to 2021.



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