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May 27, 2021 Our Favorite Spring and Summer Sweater

It’s time to reveal our favorite spring and summer sweater: drum roll, please for…the cardigan! In warm weather seasons, we switch from our chunky ones to lightweight versions with cap sleeves or a cropped cut. We wear them over a tank or cami, throw them over our shoulders with a sundress for evenings out, or wear them as a top tucked into high-waist denim.

We accessorize them with lots of dainty or medallion gold necklaces and–as easy as that— we’re ready to go. And, of course(!) they’re a must-have companion for your slip dresses.

This season, look for them to be styled in contrast with heavy boots and chunky platforms too. Below are a few inspirational looks for you to consider before you head to one of our stores to find your own.

photo of woman in cardigan sweater

photo of brown cardigan sweater

photo of woman in multi-colored cardigan sweater

photo of vintage cardigan sweater

photo of yellow cardigan sweater

photo of woman in blue cardigan sweater

Now we officially have our favorite spring and summer sweaters on our minds and need to pull them from the back of our closets. They’ll freshen up nicely with a quick handwash and sweater comb so they can meet the warm weather in style.

You’ll find even more seasonal trends in our current online selling guide.


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