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February 7, 2023 7 Oversized Fashion Pieces We Love

Oversized fashion is everywhere, including our latest seasonal selling guide. Our stores stock our racks with them, and we’re probably guilty of owing too many pieces. But what can you do, when the look is so fun to style and so comfortable to wear?

Here, we’ve gathered the 7 oversized fashion pieces that we find ourselves turning to over and over again. They become the showcase piece in any outfit, they usually look best paired with a slimmer silhouette piece, and they can take on a whole new look when tucked or half-tucked. They’re playful pieces for sure!

Keep scrolling to find the piece that stands out to you, and then stop into any of our stores to find a gently-used version that will inspire your spring style.

1. Button Down

Person in oversized fashion shirt

2. Blazer

Person in oversized blazer

3. T-Shirt

Person in oversized t-shirt

4. Pants

person in oversized pants

Person in oversized pants

5. Coat

Person in oversized coat

6. Suit

person in yellow suit

7. Sweater

person in big tan sweater

These are our favorite oversized fashion pieces for good reason: they look fantastic! Don’t you agree?

If this isn’t your trend, that’s OK too.  You can find other seasonal trends, styles, and brands we’re currently loving in our selling guide.


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