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August 16, 2022 You May Need A Pair of Platform Shoes

Have you ever had a pair of platform shoes? (We see you, Gen X, nodding with an, of course!)

For those of you who haven’t tried them before, or those of you who don’t have a pair in your closet right now, it’s time to consider them. We’ve recently filed them under the trend “underground edge” in our fall trend guide.

If your closet can be described as full of ravewear, punk, or Victorian-inspired pieces, then a pair of platforms shoes will fit in perfectly amongst your baggy pants and corsets.

You may have one specific idea in mind when you think of platforms, but they come in different heights and styles to suit every style. There is the popular platform sandal, but also platform boots, heels, and sneakers.

Keep scrolling to see lots of examples.

photo of person in platform boots

photo of person in platform shoes

photo of person in platform shoes

photo of person in platform shoes

photo of person in black sandals

photo of person in yellow dress

photo of person dressed in black from head to toe

photo of person in platform sandals

As we mentioned, platforms are part of our seasonal selling guide. This is the guide you can use to buy and sell your pre-loved, excellent-condition clothing at any of our store locations. Learn what we’re looking for, and then refresh your fall wardrobe with us!


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