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August 31, 2023 Trend Forecasting: Pinstripe Pants

Pinstripe pants are back this fall! For many of us, they take us straight back to the 90s, when we wore them with baby tees on repeat. (Dangerously large hoop earrings were usually included too).

That specific baby tee look has returned as well (see below), but there are many other style pairings for them this season if you want to try something new.

We know we plan to pair our pinstripe pants with bodysuits, crop tops, tank tops, and striped tees. We’ll add a long trench coat on rainy days and oversized blazers for the office. We’ll try them in cropped and baggy cuts, and match them with sneakers or ballet flats.

We’re excited about all the options! Keep scrolling to find your personal style inspiration.

woman dressed in bodysuit and gray pinstripe pants

woman dressed in white crop top, baseball camp, and pinstripe pants

person dressed in orange pinstripe pants and shirt with tie

woman dressed in cream-colored cropped trousers, cream top, and black blazer

woman wearing black trousers, striped t-shirt, trench coat, and rad ballet flats

woman wearing blush-colored tank top and baggy charcoal-colored trousers

This is only one of the trends we selected for our seasonal selling guide, where we forecast the trends ahead so you know what we’re looking for when you sell your clothes. Take a look to see all the other trends, styles, and labels we’re on the lookout for this fall. Then, stop into any of our stores to sell or shop this weekend.


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