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January 12, 2022 How to Style Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers are a trend we can definitely get behind. Since sneakers are a go-to in our closets, the platform version gives us one more option to choose from.

Plus, styling them is a breeze. Here are 5 ways to get started.

Like Classic Sneakers

The easiest way to style platform sneakers is to style them like your classic sneakers. The platform rise of the shoes amps up the look with no effort on your part.

Person wearing platform sneakers with jeans and a sweater

Monochrome Look

Go monochrome and let the platform extend the length of the look. Remember: monochrome doesn’t have to mean neutral–this look works with brights too.

person in monochrome cream outfit

person in monochrome pink outfit

Color Palette

This photo captures it perfectly! Use your sneakers as a color palette to pick the pieces for the rest of your look. It makes everything pop.

photo of person in platform sneakers

With a Skirt

We like how a skirt at ankle length draws the eye to the sneakers.

photo of person in skirt and platform sneakers

With Flares

You’re already going big with the shoes, why not go even bigger with flares? We admire the overall dramatic result here.

Stop into your neighborhood Crossroads store and see if we have a pair of platform sneakers waiting for you!


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