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February 9, 2023 3 Popular Fashion Trends Born in Black Culture

There are way more than 3 popular fashion trends we can attribute to Black culture, but today we’re focusing on some that are Crossroads favorites. All of these trends can regularly be found in our stores because our buyers just can’t get enough of them.

1. Sneaker Culture

photo of sneakers, one of the popular fashion trends from Black culture

There is no doubt that we love our sneakers (and probably have too many pairs). The sneaker trend is credited to Black basketball players in the late 1960s, who didn’t find the traditional canvas tennis shoe appropriate for the game. By the 1970s, sneaker producers like Nike saw that the Black community wanted access to the shoes as well. And that’s where our much-beloved sneaker culture was born.

2. Logomania

photo of logoed shoes, one of the popular fashion trends from Black culture

Although the Louis Vuitton monogram was introduced on their luggage over 100 years ago, designer logos were not available to most people and were printed on limited products.

However, in the 1980s, Harlem-based designer, Dapper Dan, changed all that by printing designer logos across all types of items, from clothing to car interiors. Although this led to legal struggles with the designer houses and the closing of his business, Dapper Dan came out on top. Designer brands had realized the demand for logomania and now collaborate with Dapper Dan on their collections.

3. Oversized

photo of oversized jeans, one of the popular fashion trends from Black culture
Oversized, or baggy, clothing entered the mainstream public’s sphere in the 1980s with hip-hop artists. The look was common in Black neighborhoods, where clothing was often handed down and not perfectly sized. Hip-hop artists wore baggy pieces to connect with their audience, and the trend took off from there. It has had real staying power–you’ll even find this trend in our latest selling guide.

Let’s make sure to give credit where’s it due: Black culture has had a huge influence on some of the biggest (and best!) international fashion trends, and we’re ever so grateful.


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