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February 29, 2024 The Best Preloved Clothes in Stores Now

Preloved clothes are exactly that: clothes that once won over a shopper, only to find themselves hanging in a closet or waiting in a drawer for too long.

Maybe it’s because they never fit the owner just right, or maybe it’s because the owner changed styles. Whatever the reason, preloved clothes find a new owner and a second (or third!) life in our stores.

If you follow our regional Instagram feeds (and we really hope you do! Find some linked below), then you know that we buy in amazing used clothing all day every day. From popular mall brands to designer pieces, we stock our stores with secondhand gems.

In fact, we perused our regional feeds this morning and found some pieces we had to share. Take a look, and then plan your next visit to shop or sell!

example of preloved clothes: a used leather Gucci bag

example of pre-loved clothes: a checked sweater, pair of sneakers, and green corduroy pants

pair of Nike sneakers in tan suede with navy blue swoop

example of preloved clothes: a white blouse, black corset, and striped pants

off-shite linen skirt, crochet tie-top, and white tank top

designer suitcase

burgundy sweatshirt, paisley jacket, jeans, and white trainers

pair of Doc Martens

Do you have preloved clothes in your closet that you no longer wear?


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