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May 23, 2024 What are Puddle Jeans?

Puddle jeans are trending this season, but what are they exactly? Simply put, they’re jeans that “puddle” at the hemline around your feet!

When shopping for them, there is a little work in finding the pair best suited for you. To get the length just right, you’ll need to consider your most-likely shoe choice, because sometimes the length perfectly “puddles” with sneakers, while other pairs require a higher heel like your favorite wedges or clogs.

Once you find your pair, however, you’re all set. And since most pairs are oversized or wide-leg, they match well with basic fitted tops or tucked-in flowy blouses.

Scroll on to see some of the looks that caught our eye on Instagram.

woman wearing puddle jeans with white crop top and trench coat

Woman wearing puddle jeans with white sneakers and black graphic sweatshirt

woman taking selfie in beige puddle jeans and white t-shirt

two women sitting on a porch

woman walking along canal in denim pants and black tank top

Whether you’re ready to try puddle jeans or one of the many other trends we’ve listed in our selling guide, you’ll want to stop into one of our store locations to refresh your seasonal wardrobe. You can shop or sell your preloved pieces for cash or store credit. Now’s the time!


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