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November 6, 2023 Stay Warm & Stylish in a Puffer Vest

A super easy, fail-proof way to add warmth to your fall and winter looks is by adding a puffer vest.

It’s a piece ready for that moment when a full jacket or coat is too much, or when you don’t want to cover up the great look you styled (We’ve been there).

Try them over blazers, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, and even cropped pieces.

Need inspiration? Here are some looks we found on Instagram that show you several different ways to layer them.

Over a Blazer

Yes, you read that right. Puffer vests can look fabulous with your work attire.

man wearing a puffer vest over blazer, button down, and jeans

With Cropped Tops

Try one with a cropped top–or even–a cropped vest with a cropped top.

woman wearing cropped puffer vest over cropped sweatshirt with faux leather pants and sneakers

woman wearing puffer vest, cropped tee with cargo pants, and baseball cap

Over Sweatshirts

You thought sweatshirts were warm and cozy. Now try one with a puffer vest layered on top. Next level!

woman wearing one with white sweatsuit with sneakers

man wearing one over a blue sweatshirt and light wash jeans

With Cable Knit Sweaters

Like we mentioned, a vest can ensure that the pretty details of your other pieces shine through. A great example of this is a cable-knit sweater.

woman wearing one over a cable-knit sweater and cropped jeans

A puffer vest is only one of the trends we’re looking for this season. See our current selling guide for even more. You can shop or sell them in any of our store locations right now.


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