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June 13, 2023 Summer Calls for Relaxed Denim

You know we love denim for every season, but relaxed denim is probably our favorite pick for summer.

The term relaxed refers to the fit, which leans loose but isn’t baggy. It’s usually found in lighter shades and is ideally very soft. Paired with a tank or tee and sandals, these jeans create an easy summer outfit that you’ll find yourself turning to time and time again.

We also love relaxed denim paired with lightweight linen button-ups and tropical print shirts. That’s likely why you’ll find them all on the racks of our stores this season, along with other seasonal trends we love.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite looks. Don’t forget to look for this popular denim fit in shorts too!

photo of person in relaxed denim

photo of person in relaxed denim

photo of person in relaxed denim

photo of person in jeans and tee

photo of person in sweater and jeans

photo of person in button-up and jeans

Itching to find a pair of your own? Stop into any of our store locations to see what we have on the racks. We have a feeling you might walk away with your new favorite summer piece. While you’re at it, bring in your seasonal pre-loved fashion pieces to sell for cash or store credit.

You can also view our latest summer lookbook for even more summer outfit inspiration!


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