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June 16, 2022 Resale Fashion Finds of the Week

You know how we feel: shopping resale fashion is fun, affordable, and eco-friendly.

We call it a treasure hunt because you never know what you’ll find on the racks of our stores. Some come in knowing they need new denim, while others peruse the racks for simply something special. Most wait for a piece to catch their eye, then it’s off to the fitting room to confirm it’s a match.

The resale fashion pieces at Crossroads have been purchased directly from other fashion lovers in your neighborhood. This means a store buyer has hand-selected the piece for the store. The piece is gently used and on-trend. Sometimes pieces are even NWT! They were a great find but didn’t end up working out for the person who sold the piece. Lucky you, swooping in to buy it for your closet.

Keep scrolling to see examples of what you can find in our stores. These items were showcased on our regional Instagram feeds. See links below to follow stores near you!

photo of person in resale dress

Scotch & Soda Palm Tree Dress, $55

photo of resale sneakers

Converse Comme des Garcons Sneakers, $65

photo of assorted crochet tops

Assorted Crochet Tops, Prices Vary

photo of Kate Spade fashion bag

Kate Spade Handbag, $55

photo of pink Marc Jacobs bag

Marc Jacobs Purse, $65

photo of person in flower dress

Reformation “Kourtney” Dress, $65

photo of sweatpants

Ilana Kohn Sweatpants, $75


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