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August 11, 2022 Why Buy Secondhand Clothing?

The benefits of secondhand clothing are multi-fold. There’s the thrill of always-changing thrift store racks, the considerable cost savings, and the ability to buy expensive labels for a fraction of the original price.

Add to that the environmental benefits of secondhand clothing, and you have a shopping option that’s hard to resist.

Did you know that you can follow your local Crossroads stores on Instagram and see photos of the latest pieces in stores?

We’re sharing a few of our favorite recent picks below. This is just a sample of what you’ll find in stores. You’ll see that secondhand clothing is anything but boring!

photo of Gucci belt

Gucci belt, $225.

photo of Longchamp bags

Longchamp leather totes, $125.

photo of outfit flatlay

Vintage Hey Baby top, $15.

Vintage Levis Sta-Prest pants, $32.50.

Vintage Nine West mini bag, $18.50.

BC platform shoes, $28.

photo of person in red dress

NWT House of CB “Anais” dress, $68.

photo of person in vintage jumper

Vintage All That Jazz jumpsuit, $24.

photo of brown sweater and plaid skirt

Pendleton sweater, $24.

Love Tree skirt, $16.50.

Nike Cortez shoes, $24.

photo of Elvis tee

Rare vintage Elvis tee, price upon request.

Resale stores like Crossroads are even better for shopping for secondhand clothing. You can sell your clothes for cash or store credit and save even more money! FYI- we’re now buying for fall!



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