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October 17, 2023 The Benefits of Working in a Secondhand Shop

If you want to work in a secondhand shop, there are several options. Some shops sell donations, some focus on consigning items, and then there are stores like Crossroads that offer a buy-sell-trade option.

Whichever you choose, you are likely to find yourself immersed in fashion and excellent deals. Here are 3 fun benefits that we consistently find at Crossroads.

1. Filling Your Closet with Amazing Finds

In many stores, you’ll receive an employee discount, and that’s on top of the already incredible deals you can find secondhand. Be prepared to have a closet full of fashionable and affordable finds!

woman with purse from a secondhand shop that looks like a roller skate

2. Work with People Who Love to Thrift

If you see a secondhand shop as a treasure trove, then we speak the same language! Working with others in these shops comes with the perk of meeting people who share this passion.

Models laughing wearing summer fashion

3. Learning How to Select & Merchandise Clothing

Whether sorting through donated items at a charity thrift shop or buying from the public in a fashion resale store like Crossroads, your fashionable eye will improve as you select and merchandise pieces in the store that you know customers will love.

woman buying clothing from a customer in a secondhand shop

On top of all this, working in a secondhand shop means you’re working in an industry focused on sustainability. Finding new owners for preloved fashion and more makes every day feel special. Interested in trying it? Check out our current job openings.