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August 28, 2020 by Mauricio Gomez Sell by Mail: A Step by Step Guide

We get it, it’s hard to find time to get to your local Crossroads and sell those pieces you’re no longer wearing or never put on in the first place. No worries, we’ve got you covered with our Sell by Mail program!

Things to Know Beforehand

  • We know you spent good money on the clothes you’re sending in which is why we offer return service. For an $18 fee, we will send back any items we pass on.
  • Payout percentages are the same as in-store: 30% in cash or 50% in trade.
  • We do not offer consignment; a little confusing, right? This just means we will purchase your items outright. You don’t have to wait for your items to sell in our stores to get paid out. Hope that clears things up.

sell by mail envelope.

Step One: Request a Bag

You can request a bag on our website. Each bag is individually packaged in our Sell By Mail envelope and shipped to the address provided. Our primary form of communication is email, so make sure to provide a valid and regularly used email address.
Sell by Mail adding shoes to bag.

Step Two: Fill it Up/ Send it Back

Once you receive your Sell by Mail bag you will notice a UPS label taped on. This is how we’re able to look you up in our system. Yep, that’s it. When filling the bag, make sure the flap can securely close; if the bag looks like it’s about to burst, consider reducing the amount of items.

I’m sure you’re wondering: well what should I put in the bag? We are looking for gently used, on trend items preferably purchased within the last three years. Here are some suggestions:

  • Condition is everything! Broken zippers, stains, unwashed, unintentional rips and tears are avoided by our buyers. Make sure the pieces you’re sending are something you would consider an excellent hand me down.
  • What’s it made of? Our customers are very fabric conscious. They love cotton, silk, wool, cashmere and leather. Check your labels!
  • The more money spent on the piece, the higher the resale value. We are currently not interested in purchasing fast fashion pieces as their price points are too low to for our stores to sell competitively.
  • Accessories are hot sellers; however, we do not buy jewelry through our program. If you send shoes, please be sure to package them appropriately. High heels can damage the bag and your other items.
  • Style and age is very important. If the item you want to send in can be considered out of style, or is something you no longer see people wearing, chances are it’s something our customers are not looking for.

Putting shoes into the envelope
Once your bag is filled up, drop it off at your nearest UPS location. The labels on our bags are prepaid and only trackable through UPS. Make sure to ask for a drop off receipt for verification purposes. Once the bag has been scanned, you can expect it to arrive to our Northern California warehouse within seven business days.

Step Three: Now We Wait

The estimated processing time we post on our website is our best estimate from the date of the bag’s arrival to our distribution center located in Northern California. If you feel like it has been longer than what we’ve posted, don’t hesitate to send us an email: We will get back to you with a more detailed timeline.

waiting for sell

Step Four: Cash Out

Get cash for 30% of what we price your items to sell for, or get 50% in trade credit.
Putting a bag into the envelope.

Step Five: Do it Again

If this is a program that works for you, feel free to request additional bags through our website. We love our repeat sellers, especially the ones sending in the brands, styles and one-of-a-kind pieces our customers are looking for. Just like fashion, our programs are ever evolving, so make sure to check back for any updates to our Sell by Mail program. What are you waiting for? Order your Sell by Mail bag now!