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November 1, 2022 Make Money with Sell by Mail Clothes

With the holidays on the horizon, now is the time to consider making money with Sell by Mail clothes. These are pre-loved but excellent condition clothes that no longer fit your style or wardrobe needs.

The way we see it, this is like money taking up space in your closet! Plus, by selling them in any of our stores or by mail, you can get them into the hands of new owners who find them valuable thrifted treasures. This keeps your unused clothing out of landfill and circulating in a more sustainable fashion system.

So you have Sell by Mail clothes on hand and ready to show a buyer. What comes next? Here is how the process works at Crossroads:


Crossroads Sell by Mail Timeline

If you think you might have clothes to sell by mail, start by looking at our online seasonal selling guide, where we highlight the current trends we’re looking for. Then, search your closet for gently used items that fit the bill. If you find them, request a bag from our website and get ready to fill it with your sell by mail clothes.

photo of Crossroads sell by mail bag

You’ll have several options when ordering your bag with pre-paid shipping. First, you can request the unpurchased items be donated or sent back to you for a return fee. Second, you can select cash or store credit.

Happy selling!