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July 11, 2023 Summer Checklist: Sell Clothes at Crossroads

We personally sell clothes at Crossroads every season, so we can refresh our wardrobes for the months ahead.

Summer is no different. Along with staying up late with friends, going out of our way to eat more ice cream cones, and taking as many trips to the beach as we can, we clean out our closets and sell to Crossroads before August rolls around.

Why August? Because we’re crazy about fashion, and it gets really good in the fall. If we sell our pre-loved clothes to Crossroads during the summer months, we have cash or store credit on hand to shop for fall!

The best part: it’s really easy to do.

1. Check Your Closet

First, run through your closet item by item and determine which pieces you no longer love. Maybe it never fit right or you just find yourself passing it over every day.

2. Pack Your Bags

Next, look more closely at each item and check for clothing damage like tears or stains. Crossroads doesn’t buy damaged items, so put those pieces to the side. Select the pieces that are still on trend and in great condition. Pack them up!

3. Visit a Crossroads Store

Stop into the nearest Crossroads store any day of the week. You don’t need an appointment, and we buy all day every day. You can even download our waitlist app and put your name on the selling list before you leave your house.

Here’s a brief video that walks you through all the steps, from deciding on what to sell to seeing a store buy in action. Take a look, and then make a plan to visit your local Crossroads store soon. Don’t live near one of our stores? That’s OK, we have a Sell by Mail program too!