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October 20, 2022 by Gina Nowicki How to Sell Vintage Clothing

It’s now as easy to sell vintage clothing as it is to sell contemporary clothing, as this category of clothing is more popular than ever.

In the past, if you were looking to sell vintage clothing, you had to look for specialty shops that focused specifically on that fashion genre, or set up an online shop yourself.

However, fashion resale shops like Crossroads now dedicate a part of their inventory to vintage clothing, so your option to sell in-store has never been easier. Just follow these 3 steps to increase your odds of selling success.

1. Look for Fashion Resale Shops with Vintage Racks

This is the fun part. Check out your local resale stores to get a feel for what they buy. In particular, look for vintage pieces either mixed into racks or placed on dedicated category racks. In the case of Crossroads, we look for any style of vintage clothing as long as it’s fashion-forward and in great condition.

photo of shoppers in resale store

2. Properly Prep Clothes to Sell

A resale buyer has only minutes to evaluate each piece of clothing you want to sell, so it’s incredibly important that you give vintage clothing the ability to really shine.

Check for Damages and Stains

A vintage concert tee may still be sellable with tiny tears or holes, but no item will pass inspection if it’s stained. Check for stains in spots you might otherwise overlook, like under shirt collars, inside hats, in the underarm areas, and inside of pants.

Wash and Fold Neatly

Clean your items in advance so they smell and look their best. Use a sweater comb to clean up pilly sweaters, and iron the item if it makes it more presentable. The buyer wants pieces that will look amazing on the rack! Finally, fold each item neatly before placing it in your selling bag. This is a time when first impressions really count.

photo of vintage clothing

3. Sell to Crossroads

Find your nearest Crossroads location and sign in at the selling counter. No appointment is necessary, and you can shop the store and find yourself new vintage pieces to purchase with the cash or store credit you receive from selling.

photo of resale buyer

These 3 tips alone will significantly increase your chance of selling your vintage clothing. Go ahead and get started!


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