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January 17, 2023 Selling Clothes from Home is Simple

Selling clothes from home is simple with our Sell By Mail program. It’s free and available to everyone in the continental U.S.

Now’s the perfect time for that New Year closet cleanout, and selling clothes from home is the easiest way to get cash or Crossroads store credit into your hands.

It takes just a few easy steps. Start by ordering a bag on our website. When it arrives, check back on our website for the latest trends we’re looking for. These are exactly the types of pre-loved items you want to look for in your closet.

As you find and decide on clothing to sell, make sure they’re in excellent condition and freshly laundered. Then, add them to the bag. There’s plenty of room!

photo of person with Crossroads sell by mail bag

When you’re done, you’ll notice the bag already has a pre-paid postage label on it.

photo of sell by mail bag

That means you just need to seal the bag and get it to your local UPS drop-off site.

Now you wait for an email from a Crossroads buyer letting you know how much cash or store credit you’ve earned. If you chose the cash payment option, you’ll receive a Zelle e-payment. If you chose store credit, you’ll receive your card by mail. Time to refresh your closet!