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March 17, 2022 Should I Donate or Sell My Clothes?

Good work! You’ve just completed a major closet clean and are now looking at piles of clothing you no longer love. The question of should I donate or sell my clothes? looms large as you consider your next steps for removing the piles of clothing from your home.

Here’s your simple guide for deciding what to do next!

To start, both options are excellent ones. They offer your pre-loved clothing a second chance at life in a new home. Donations provide affordable clothing options in traditional thrift stores like Goodwill, and buy-sell-trade fashion stores give you a chance to earn some cash or store credit for your current season, gently-used pieces.

Follow this 3-step process to take your next steps:

1. Choose Both

Buy-sell-trade stores like Crossroads buy great condition clothing that’s usually no more than 2-3 years old or classically vintage (like old concert t-shirts and mod pieces).

Thrift stores take clothing donations more broadly.

So, you can sell some of your clothing and donate some of your clothing. We’re already on to step 2 to talk sorting!
photo of person holding pile of clothes

2. Sort by Age and Condition

Evaluate each piece of clothing and sort them into a sell pile and a donate pile.

Sellable clothing is in new or excellent condition and usually seasonal. For example, you’ll have a much better chance of selling a sweater in the fall than in the summer. Clothing should also be a classic style (like a denim jacket) or in a current trend. See our current trend guide for ideas.

Some of your clothing may be damaged. Let’s talk next about what to do with those.
photo of person buying clothing

3. Deal with Damages

If you’re tossing a piece you love because of a rip or tear, consider whether you may be able to salvage it. We did a whole post about how to mend your clothes over here.

But if it’s beyond repair, you’ll want to look for another option. Bustle shares some good options.

Photo of Sewing Needles

Now get those selling and donating bags out the door and on the way to their next home! For selling, you can find your nearest Crossroads location here.

Whether you donate or sell your clothes, you’re doing your part to keep used clothing out of landfills. Thank you!