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June 27, 2024 Slim Sneakers are Still Leading

Slim sneakers continue to get all the attention, especially as summer heats up and lightweight shoe options take center stage.

Whether its a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths, Puma Palermos, or Golden Goose Super-Star’s, these minimal sneakers pair just as well with jean cutoffs as a voluminous maxi sundress.

Best part: you know you can always find slim sneaker options at Crossroads!

Keep scrolling to see several looks that capture the ease of this popular shoe style. Notice all the cuffed pants and ankle-length denim, perfect for showing off this favorite!

woman wearing jeans, slim sneakers, black tee, and light gray blazer

man wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and white slim sneakers

woman wearing a checked shirt, black pants, and slim sneakers

woman in overalls and red long-sleeve shirt

man in t-shirt, jeans, and Vans shoes

man showing off white shoes

If you’re looking for a pair of slim sneakers, visit any of our stores to see if we have a pair just for you. Or maybe you have a pair sitting in your closet that you’ve barely worn. Maybe the sizing wasn’t perfect, or they no longer reflect your personal style. If that’s the case, stop into one of our stores to sell them. One of our trained buyers will assess them for you. If they decide to purchase them, you’ll receive 30% in cash or 50% of trade for what they price your shoes at. Use the cash for summer fun, or the trade for new-to-you fashion pieces.


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