Blog: Crossroads Style

July 5, 2023 Staff Style Spotlight: Erin

Model wearing summer fashion

As part of our Staff Style Spotlight series, meet Erin, a Store Manager at Crossroads. We asked San Francisco employees to bring their style and star in our latest photoshoot wearing their Crossroads finds. Read about Erin’s personal style, favorite Crossroads finds, and favorite thing about working at Crossroads.

Model wearing summer fashion

Tell us about your favorite Crossroads find.

I have found the most amazing vintage denim, including orange tabs, chore coats, and bolos.

How would you describe your personal style?

My kids said, “Eccentric gorp-core” and, “tertiary vintage grandpa.”

Model wearing summer fashion

What summer trends are you hoping to see in store?

We are seeing lots of color and tiered mini dresses.

What brands are you hoping to see in store?

We love when slow fashion and size-inclusive brands come in, like Seek Shelter, Karen Kane, and Big Bud Press.

Models posed inside wearing summer fashion

What is your favorite thing about working at Crossroads?

Being able to cycle our wardrobe with the seasons, and keeping clothing out of landfill!

Top tips for selling at Crossroads?

Talk to your buyer! They can tell you in-the-moment trends. Presentation is important; balled-up items, wrinkled items, tears, stains, etc. make a difference and might not be taken in.

Thanks for the Staff Style Spotlight, Erin! As a Store Manager, Erin has the exciting job of creating an aesthetically appealing environment that welcomes all customers, hiring and developing fashion-focused staff, curating retail store merchandise, and working to achieve retail store financial goals. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Join our team! Check out our Careers page to learn more about working at Crossroads.