Blog: Crossroads Style

April 18, 2024 Stores That Buy Used Clothes

There are very few stores that buy used clothes. You can try selling your clothes online through sites like eBay, try to make a deal with an interested buyer on Facebook Marketplace, or try one of the many peer-to-peer apps that require you to negotiate with a stranger.

But to just walk into a store and ask a buyer to purchase your gently used preloved clothing? So you can walk out that day with cash in hand? Not so easy.

That’s why you need to know about buy-sell-trade fashion retailers like Crossroads, a store that buys clothing from the public all day, every day. With store locations across the U.S., you just visit with your clothing, add your name to the waitlist, and wait to be called. No appointment is even necessary. The best part? While you wait, you can shop the store’s curated racks of excellent condition secondhand clothing and start dreaming of how you’ll spend your newfound cash or store credit.


Crossroads is just one of the stores that buys clothes, but there are honestly not that many. If you can’t find a buy-sell-trade store near you, Crossroads has that covered as well. Try their Sell by Mail option!