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February 26, 2021 by Joseph Weber Styling Classic Menswear Looks from Decades Past

The concept of menswear that we know today has drastically evolved over the years. With the growing popularity of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces, it’s a must that one knows how to style iconic pieces. However, building an outfit that captures the trends of a certain time can be a trying task. We’ve got you covered! Here are some ways to put a modern spin on styling classic menswear looks from decades past.

The 50’s

Incorporate denim and leather into your look to complete the 50’s rebel fantasy!

Styling Classic Looks from the 50's Decade

The 60’s

For a 60’s look, focus on the color palette. Menswear at the time saw the rise in browns, tans, and yellows.

Styling Classic Looks from the 60's Decade

The 70’s

A relaxed and colorful fit makes a 70’s day look work. For the night, turn up the flair with a silk scarf, patterned shirt, and some high-waisted pants.

Styling Classic Looks from the 70's Decade

The 80’s

An 80’s outfit requires neon and patterns! Bust out the ugly sweaters and throw on your loudest colored jacket.

Styling Classic Looks from the 80's Decade

The 90’s

It’s all about baggy for the 90’s. A classic 90’s outfit warrants a little drowning in your clothes!

Styled Look from the 90s

Vintage pieces not only have the power to completely transport one back in time, but there is a story to every item. This highlights the importance of recycling fashion because it helps preserve the past. Now you too can keep the past alive with your expanded knowledge on styling classic menswear looks from decades past!

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