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November 22, 2022 The Best Sustainable Fashion Jobs

The end of the year is the perfect time to consider a seasonal job for some holiday income or a fresh career for the new year. Cue: sustainable fashion jobs, one of the sectors of fashion retail that’s growing in popularity.

Sustainable fashion is an excellent field for those who love fashion but want to support the areas of the industry that reduce textile waste and overconsumption.

The best sustainable fashion jobs fall into two categories. First, there are fashion producers that are using recycled materials to produce their new pieces. Second, there are secondhand retail shops that are extending the life of existing pieces by getting them out of the closets of people who no longer wear them, and into the hands of shoppers who are happy to give them a second chance.

That’s exactly what we do at our Crossroads stores across the nation.

Our employees work as retail managers, in-house fashion buyers, and sales associates. They get to stock their stores with secondhand pieces that are trending in their communities. And they become experts in fashion labels and designers.

That’s why we think the best sustainable fashion jobs can be found at Crossroads. Keep scrolling to get a glimpse into our stores, then check out our Careers page to learn where we’re currently hiring.

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