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March 3, 2022 Q & A with Jazmine of @thatcurlytop

If you’ve been following along with our fashion influencer series, you’ll be excited to meet the incomparable Jazmine of @thatcurlytop. We love her commitment to secondhand fashion and are crazy about the vibrant signature style she’s created. Who else can pull off a stunning snowy day look like the one below?

We adore your style, Jazmine, and are excited to hear from you! When did sustainable fashion first enter your life?

Because I grew up in a low-income community, I had practices that were unintentionally sustainable, like thrifting and mending clothes, consuming less, and reusing containers. However, it wasn’t until I went to college to study Fashion Merchandising that I began to learn about the impact the fashion industry has on people and the planet. After a year of learning this, I switched out of my major and transformed my fashion blog into a sustainable fashion one where I document my journey in that space.

photo of Jazmine

What is the best secondhand fashion piece in your closet? Where did you find it?

It has to be a pair of gold hoops I found a few years back at a local thrift store. They don’t appear to be anything special; however, they’re one of my most-worn thrift finds. They go with almost everything I wear and make my curls pop. When you begin to wear something a lot, it feels like you truly begin to bond.

photo of Jazmine

Are there any secondhand pieces you passed on that you still regret?

Honestly, I can’t think of a single piece. I tend to err on the side of getting something I kinda like because it always ends up growing on me. However, I do regret avoiding pricier vintage spots and pieces. I know I advocate for investing in higher-quality pieces, but when it comes to getting things secondhand, I’ve mainly looked at thrift stores and haven’t allowed myself to get true vintage pieces. But that’s recently changed, and I’ve found a few things I know I’ll adore and will last me a long time. Now I can only imagine the dream pieces I’ve never let myself see.

photo of Jazmine

Any advice for people who are just starting to consider the idea of shopping for secondhand clothing?

Patience is key! When approaching slow fashion, finding the right pieces will take time, and that’s all part of the beautiful process. Whether it’s looking for your dream secondhand designer brand or that specific style you want to experiment with, the process will differ from buying something new. And honestly, I find it such a thrill to find the exact thing I’ve been looking for.

photo of Jazmine

You made a BIG move from the West Coast to NY– so exciting! Which secondhand pieces in your life made the trip with you?

Ugh, one of the hardest things while moving was cleaning out my closet because we could only take about 10% of the items in my house. Unfortunately, my clothes couldn’t be that entire 10%. I ABSOLUTELY made room for my one-of-a-kind butterfly dress by @janellerabbott, which is basically a low-waste, wearable art piece. Also, my secondhand butterfly clogs, which I’ll be wearing every day as soon as it’s warm enough.

photo of Jazmine

Thank you, Jazmine, for telling us more about yourself. You’ll find us continuing to follow your style!

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