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July 13, 2021 The 3 Piece Look from the Streets of Paris

Ahhhh…travel has returned, including one of our favorite pastimes: street style watching in our favorite stylish cities. We just made a little trip to the City of Light last week, and while we didn’t have tickets to Haute Couture Fashion Week, we had an even better view from our cafe tables. We can report the best of French summer style includes an easy 3 piece look from the streets of Paris.

It’s not fussy at all. In fact, it falls right in line with the effortless fashion coordination the French are known for. We’re even guessing you already own all 3 of the outfit’s pieces–but if you’re missing anything–well, you know where to find us.

Let’s break the look down into 3 easy steps that will have you out the door in no time at all.

1. Start with Ankle-Grazing Pants

The type of pants doesn’t matter as much as the length. They should hit right above the ankle. Straight-leg loose denim was the most popular choice we came across.
photo of person in jeans

photo of person in 3 piece look in Paris

2. Pick Your Best Sneakers

Those ankle-length pants are all set to show off your best sneakers. You can keep them simple if that’s your style, or grab the pair of stand-out ones you recently picked up.
Photo of person wearing Nike sneakers

photo of person wearing sneakers and jeans

3. Add a Tube Top

Add a tube top and voila, the look is complete. You’re ready to spend your day site-seeing, strolling in gardens, or enjoying an aperitif. Bring along a button-down or blazer if you’re expecting some afternoon clouds.

photo of person in tube top and jeans

photo of person in tube top and jeans

What do you think? Is this a look you’d be likely to try this summer? It’s so easy we know we’ll be wearing it.

If you do give it a go, tag us @crossroadstrading so we can see! Your photo may even be shared on our Instagram feed.


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