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October 7, 2021 The 5 Essentials You Need for Fall

Well, fall sure arrived quickly didn’t it, with the cooling weather and early sunsets. Here’s where the fun comes in: it’s time to plan for the 5 essentials you need for fall.

1. The Weatherproof Bag

It’s about to get rainy out there. Swap your go-to bag for one that can stand up to the weather, like this waxed canvas bucket bag or a sturdy leather satchel.

photo of bucket bag

2. The Cozy Sweater

Whether in a neutral fall color like navy or a bright neon print, the cozy sweater is work-appropriate when paired with trousers or skirts and movie-watching appropriate when worn with denim.

photo of person in sweater

3. A Classic Trouser

Pinstripes are always fun for these, and we tend to favor lighter fabrics for comfort. The key is to find the cut that works best for you.

photo of person in pinstripe trousers

4. The Long Dress

One of the best fall investments! This is the dress that is stretchy and warm and makes you look pulled together in just one piece. Wear it with Mary Janes or Doc Martens, dependent on your mood that day.

Photo of person in long dress

5. A Blazer

Any well-fitting blazer in your favorite color will do, but if you can find one in velvet or corduroy, even better!

photo of blazer

Consider these 5 fall essentials the backbone of your seasonal wardrobe. With them, your fall capsule wardrobe is set! If you want to weave in some of the season’s biggest trends too, just take a look at our fall selling guide. Happy fall!


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