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May 13, 2021 The 7 Best Preppy Pieces

The preppy look doesn’t belong to the ’80s alone. In fact, here are the 7 best preppy pieces we’re wearing right now.

You’ll recognize a few from recent posts about styling sweater vests, blazers, and loafers with socks, and the rest round out the list to give you lots of choices when creating your preppy look. And of course, you don’t even have to stick to classic preppy: add combat boots, a leather jacket, or oversized hoodie to give preppy a twist.

Here are our top 7 picks:

1. Sweater Vest

Belt an oversized one for a new take, or choose classic argyle or houndstooth in a cropped style.
photo of woman in sweater vest

photo of sweater vest

2. Sporty Stripes

Imagine you have plans to play rugby this Saturday and start your inspiration from there. TIP: Gucci stripes are always next level.
photo of Gucci tennis shoes

photo of sport stripe polo shirt

3. Uniform Skirt

You heard it here first: the uniform skirt you hated in your youth is your new best friend.
photo of plaid uniform skirt

photo of plaid skirt

4. Tennis Wear

I have no explanation for why tennis seemed so prevalent in the ’80s, but the look is easy to replicate off the court, especially with a classic tennis skirt.

photo of woman in tennis skirt

photo of pink tennis skirt

5. Blazer

The blazer is the mothership of preppy style and an excellent thrift find. Look for extra special ones like the blue velvet and yellow vintage-cut ones below.

photo of blue velvet blazer

photo of vintage yellow blazer

6. Cardigan

The simplest fashion formula out there: cardigan+string of pearls=preppy.

photo of Gucci cardigan sweater

7. Preppy Bag

Once you’ve pulled the look together, you need the perfect bag! May we recommend a vintage Gucci handbag, Longchamp tote, or Celine crossbody?

photo of Gucci handbag

photo of Longchamp tote bag

photo of vintage Celine bag

You now have the list of 7 best preppy pieces, so go! Put that look together and show us what you come up with by tagging us on Instagram @crossroadstrading. You may find yourself featured on our main feed.


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