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April 20, 2021 The Floral Trend in Men’s Fashion

You may have spotted the floral trend in men’s fashion, either on social, in magazines, or on our current selling guide. If you’re not sure exactly how to wear the trend, we’ve chosen a few picks for you below.

The Classic Floral Shirt

Yes, this look will forever have Magnum, P.I. vibes (What–you didn’t know Tom Selleck was famous before Friends?), but throwbacks are all the rage these days. Plus, classic floral short-sleeve shirts come in more muted, modern patterns now, like the two below.

man in floral shirt

man in floral shirt

 Update Your Button-Up

Does your office or event call for a button-up shirt? Stand out from the crowd with one in a floral print. It will completely update your suit or khakis, and they even look great with belted shorts as seen below.

photo of man in floral button-up shirt

Pair a Floral Pant with a Neutral

Let’s flip the script now. Instead of a floral top, opt for floral pants with a neutral shirt in denim or a solid-colored sweater.

photo of man wearing floral pants

photo of man wearing floral pants

Match Up a Floral Set

We’re huge fans of matching sets, and a floral one is a winner for us. If you see a floral track set or short set, don’t hesitate. It’s a score!

photo of man in floral set

Try a Floral Basic

If you’re not ready to dive into florals completely, try replacing one of your basics with a floral print. We think this dark floral t-shirt is simple but lovely.

photo of man in floral t-shirt

What are the odds you’ll try out the latest floral trend in men’s fashion? If we have you feeling inspired to try some pieces on, come into any of our store locations to see what we have on the racks for you. Just promise us you’ll post to Instagram and tag @crossroadstrading so we can see what you found!


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