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December 15, 2020 The Maxi Coat 6 Ways

Our favorite coat for winter is by far the maxi coat. It’s full-length warmth, and the one piece that can elevate sneakers and a baseball cap into an easily styled look. Don’t believe us? Take a look at 6 ways we’re wearing the maxi coat.

1. In a Classic Cut

Camel is the most popular choice for this, but we also love it in cream, brown, black and navy. You’ll earn bonus points for cashmere blends. Those are major secondhand scores!

Girl in Brown Maxi Coat

2. Belted

We especially like how this coat found its way into a spring look by warming up a tank and sandals.

Woman in belted maxi coat

3. Oversized

We love to get lost in an oversized maxi coat, imagining we’re incognito from the paparazzi.

Man in oversized maxi coat

4. Layered

A maxi coat only gets better layered with sweatshirts, sweaters and blanket scarfs. Why not go all in on warmth.

Woman in layered maxi coat with scarf

5. In Teddy Fur

Is there anything more cozy than a maxi coat in teddy bear fur? We think not.

Woman in red teddy fur maxi coat

6. Over the Shoulders

Wear it as a cape by throwing it over your shoulders. Then pretend you’re a fashion editor on your way to the latest designer showing. We won’t tell.

Woman wearing maxi coat as cape

That’s our take on the maxi coat in 6 ways. We’re sure there are many more! Tag us @crossroadstrading with your personal twist on the maxi coat, and you may be featured on our Instagram feed.


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