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April 21, 2022 The Top Thrift Store Fashion Trends

On the eve of Earth Day, we have to talk about shopping secondhand and its growing popularity as an eco-friendly fashion alternative. It’s one of our best practices for reducing waste, and if you’re a regular like us, you’ll want to know the 8 thrift store fashion trends that we’re always on the lookout for.

These are the pieces that make secondhand shopping a real fashion treasure hunt! Take a look and we think you’ll agree.

1. Band Tees

The first stop is the t-shirt rack, where band tees are front and center on our minds.

photo of band tees

2. Sundresses

Dresses, in general, are a favorite thrift store department, but we especially love to find pretty sundresses that we’ll live in all summer long.

photo of person in sundress

3. Vintage Designer

This one is like finding gold! Who was the lucky person who came across these vintage Gucci heels?

photo of vintage Gucci shoes

4. Special Occasion

Special occasion dresses are usually worn only once or twice, so thrift stores should be your go-to stop when you need one.

photo of special occasion dress

5. Matching Sets

We love a good matching set, and a suit set like this is a major score.

photo of person in suit set

6. One-of-a-Kind

When thrifting for fashion, we have a laser-like focus on one-of-a-kind retro and vintage pieces that we know no one else will have.

photo of retro clutch bag

7. Sneakers

We can never have enough sneakers, and when you find them gently used, you give them a second life.

photo of sneakers

8. Outerwear

The biggest cost savings in a thrift store can happen with outerwear. When the piece is secondhand, you can upgrade the label, the materials, and the silhouette. Don’t pass up a great outerwear piece, even if you’re shopping in summer!

photo of person in coat

Besides these general thrift store fashion trends to always look out for, we have 30 current season trends over here in our seasonal selling guide. These are trends we’re buying now in our stores if you’re looking to sell your pre-loved clothes for cash or store credit.

Not located near one of our stores, or just short on time? We also have a Sell by Mail option that’s just for you!


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