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September 26, 2023 How to Thrift Vintage Fashion

When you thrift vintage fashion, you’re really embarking on a treasure hunt. Who knows what you’ll find!

We’ve found some of our favorite pieces thrifting, and vintage pieces are a rare but wonderful treat to come across. Here’s how we scout them out, whether in our stores, in charity thrift stores, or at estate sales.

Look for Vintage Prints & Textiles

When you’re staring at a long rack of clothing pieces, you may feel overwhelmed. If you know that vintage fashion pieces are your goal, then we recommend you walk the rack and look for two big clues: vintage prints and vintage textiles.

The vintage prints are easy to catch. They may have a dainty floral print from the 50s or a psychedelic print from the 60s. You’ll learn the vintage textiles over time, but start by looking for high-quality fabrics. These pieces have lasted over time after all!

photo of a vintage fashion dress in brocade

Check Closely for Condition

Just because these pieces have stood the test of time doesn’t mean they aged perfectly. You’ll want to check closely for the condition; a decades-long stain is unlikely to come out now.

Look for small tears in the fabric that may show the fabric has weakened over time. And of course, be cautious of mildew stains and musty smells.

photo of shoppers in a resale store looking at a vintage fashion dress

Hunt for Vintage Accessories

We’d have to say that vintage fashion accessories are our favorite finds. You won’t see them everywhere, and they add an individual touch to your outfits. We look for vintage handbags, belts, scarves, and jewelry. We even shop for vintage shoes from designers known for their craftsmanship. Don’t forget to check for vintage luggage pieces too!

cream vintage shoulder bag with brown leather trim

Try Vintage Evening Wear

If you have a special evening coming up, vintage dresses and suits are excellent finds. Pick one up even if you don’t have something on the books, as a wedding or special event is always around the corner.

woman in vintage pink evening gown

This is how we thrift vintage fashion. We hope you find it as fun as we do!