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March 4, 2021 Time to Spring Clean and Sell Your Clothes

You heard us right: it’s time to spring clean and sell your clothes. Like you, we’re wondering how it’s March already, but we do know that it’s our favorite time of year for a good spring clean, especially for our closet.

When we personally spring clean our closets, we focus on identifying the gently-used pieces that no longer fit or we no longer love. These are the pieces that we set aside to sell for cash or store credit at Crossroads.

Once you have everything set aside, just follow the next steps to sell your clothes.

1. Take a Look at Our Current Selling Guide

We produce selling guides to share what we’re currently looking to buy. See the current one below, and bookmark our online selling guide so you always have it handy.

Photo of popular trends

2. Bring Your Clothes to One of Our Store Locations

We have store locations across the US. Find your nearest one to learn about their current selling process (Some offer in-person selling by appointment while others offer drop-in selling). And if we don’t have a store location near you, you can still sell to us by mail!

Photo of Crossroads store

3. Let Our Friendly Staff Know You’ve Arrived to Sell

They’ll direct you to the store’s selling counter so you can get started.

Photo of Crossroads staff

4. Leave Your Clothes at the Selling Counter

At the selling counter, a trained buyer will evaluate your clothing and determine which pieces they can buy from you. They price the pieces on the spot and when finished let you know how much you’ve earned in cash or store credit. You choose your payout!

Photo of Crossroads buyer

We’re excited to see you soon- that’s why we’re reminding you that it’s time again to spring clean and sell your clothes! We’re ready and waiting to get cash or store credit into your hands. Find your nearest store location now.


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