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April 27, 2021 What Does Slow Fashion Mean?

We hear a lot of talk about fast fashion, but what does slow fashion mean?

Very similar to the slow food movement, it’s about making deliberate choices about the fashion you buy. It’s about limiting the number of clothing items you own, investing in well-constructed pieces that will last for years, and buying and selling used clothing.

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably already a secondhand clothing shopper. We applaud you for that! Here are two more tips that can help you stretch your slow fashion efforts even further.

1. Look for High-Quality, Long-Wear Pieces

High-quality pieces are considered a wardrobe investment because you expect to wear them at least 30 times. They are made of durable fabrics or leather and can be easily repaired or mended to last longer. Below are some examples from the sales floors of our stores.

photo of jeans

photo of men's leather shoes

photo of vintage handbag

photo of black leather booties

photo of black leather heels


2. Buy Rare & Special Pieces

I find it almost impossible to pass on a piece that feels special and whimsical because it’s something you’ll hold on to for years. You may not wear it as often, but you bring it out for special occasions or days you just really need a mood lift. These are the pieces that people stop you on the street to

ask, “where did you get that?!”

Take a look at some of the pieces in Crossroads stores that I think fit the bill.

photo of sweatshirt with gem print

photo of woman in band tee

photo of woman in jean jacket with patches

photo of sweatshirt with colorful bird

photo of red suede slipper shoes

Living the slow fashion movement is just one of the ways to help the planet these days. You can also amplify your efforts by sharing your secondhand finds on social and tagging your #crossroadsfinds. Thanks for spreading the word!


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