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October 21, 2021 What Your Jacket Style Says About You

It’s officially jacket weather, and there are so many to choose from! So for fun, let’s play: what your jacket style says about you.


You’ve been following fashion for so long that you’re a natural at it. You’re not afraid to buy secondhand pieces and style them into your wardrobe. Why not: vintage pieces are rare and unique, just like your style.

photo of person in leather jacket


Your style choices are bold but deliberate. You know that a beautifully made leather jacket will age like fine wine and fit your confident personality for years to come.

photo of person in leather jacket


You’re a bit of a flower child, drawn to simple pieces that are gently worn in and in natural hues. You favor soft fabrics and dainty details.

photo of person in suede jacket


You’re practical but ambitious. You know that a solid puffer jacket will keep you warm for hours, which is important because you have things to do. No cold day is going to stop you from making your way around town and getting things done.

photo of person in puffer jacket


You’re a quiet rebel. You know that although a varsity jacket is a classic style from the past, you dare to wear it with combat boots and black jeans.

photo of person in varsity jacket


You love attention and you’re not afraid to show it. You know that a recognizable designer jacket makes your whole look fun and declares your intense love of fashion.

photo of person in Versace jacket


You like the finer things in fashion: beautiful fabrics, pretty detailing, and a structured shape. You take your time to find pieces that are high-quality and sophisticated, and it shows.

photo of person in suit jacket

Faux Fur

You love a little glamour in your life. You know that not only will faux fur keep you warm, but it will also make any outfit you pull together look absolutely fabulous.

photo of person in faux fur leopard jacket

Whatever your jacket style is, you can count on Crossroads to carry it! Next time you’re looking for a jacket, stop into any of our store locations to see what we have for you. We’re convinced you’ll find it on our store racks.


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