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July 19, 2022 Q&A with Miranda of @WhatMirandaMakes

Once you start following along with Miranda of @WhatMirandaMakes, you’ll want to get yourself a sewing machine and get creative with your thrifted finds. Or, at least start visiting her Etsy shop on the regular to see what she’s currently selling. We feel very lucky that Miranda answered a little Q&A for us!

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Miranda Barrett, a designer and sewist based in Brooklyn and originally from Mississippi. My interest in clothing as a tool for both function and self-expression began in middle school when I had to wear a scoliosis back brace under my clothes for two years. Now I focus on slow fashion and sustainable design, which I share on my Instagram, @WhatMirandaMakes.

photo of Miranda

You’re really dedicated to sustainable fashion through thrifting and repurposing fabrics. How did you get started on this journey?
When I first moved to New York, I worked at several fast fashion brands and was shocked to learn that excessive waste is standard practice in the industry. That motivated me to reduce my own consumption by thrifting whenever possible and making my own clothes. I don’t think I could go back – unexpectedly finding the perfect fabric or piece of clothing is so satisfying to me.

photo of Miranda

We’re so impressed with your sewing projects, like creating a dress from a vintage bedsheet! When and how did you start sewing?
Thank you! I had a sewing machine when I was younger, but I didn’t learn garment construction until I majored in apparel design in college. I appreciate that I learned the traditional design process, but I also love seeing so many self-taught sewists doing thrift flips and designing for themselves. Using thrifted fabric or tailoring thrifted clothing are affordable ways to work on your sewing skills.

photo of Miranda

We can see you’ve set up an Etsy shop to sell some of your projects. What can people expect to find listed there?
My brand is named Marie Miranda, after my grandmother who grew up in Brooklyn. I make one-of-a-kind tote bags and accessories using deadstock and thrifted fabric. I love combining functional items with whimsical designs. My favorite bag listed right now is shaped like a fried egg (the yolk is a pocket!).

photo of Miranda

Thank you for sharing your #crossroadsfinds on Instagram. How did you find us, and do you have a favorite Crossroads piece?
I think I’ve been shopping at Crossroads for as long as I’ve lived in New York. I’ve found so many great pieces, but the best example of the thrill of thrifting is when I found a lime green linen top and perfectly matching wide-leg trousers at the same store, but they were from different designers and decades.

photo of Miranda
We know the thrill, Miranda! Thank you for being a sustainable fashion enthusiast and helping to spread the word about secondhand fashion. Find Miranda on Instagram at @WhatMirandaMakes, and follow along with us too.