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August 29, 2023 Where to Sell Secondhand Clothes Now

Exactly where to sell secondhand clothes these days? It becomes a pressing question after you clean out your closet and find you have a pile of unwanted pieces that are still in excellent condition. Maybe they never fit quite right, or they never really matched your personal style. Whatever the reason, these pieces should find a new home!

Over the last decade, more options for selling your clothes have popped up, but they all fall neatly into three different areas: in a resale store, by mail, or in an online/app marketplace. Let’s take a quick look at all of them.

1. In a Resale Store

Resale stores like Crossroads have trained fashion buyers who buy clothing from the public. In the case of Crossroads, we buy clothes from the public all day every day. You immediately get 30% in cash or 50% in store credit for what your items are priced at.

The major benefit is the ability to take all your clothes to one place and potentially sell multiple items at once, without needing to photograph and upload listings to an online selling site or selling app.

fashion buyers looking through a rack of clothes

2. By Mail

To sell by mail, look for a reputable company and find their pricing structure. If you use the Crossroads Sell by Mail service, you can order a free shipping bag with a pre-paid postage label, fill it up, send your items to our fashion buyers, and receive your payment by Zelle (store credit is available too if you live near a store). You can even choose to have your unpurchased items donated or shipped back to you for a return fee.

person holding a sell by mail bag

3. Online/App Marketplaces

Finally, you can use an online marketplace like eBay or Facebook to upload listings for each piece and sell them individually. There are several app marketplace options that follow the same process too. Just be prepared to answer questions, negotiate prices, and ship items individually as they sell.


The truth is that where to sell secondhand clothes is entirely up to you! If a resale store sounds best, find your nearest Crossroads store location. If selling by mail seems more convenient, we have that option available for you too!

Whatever you decide, we wish your unwanted clothes a bon voyage to a new closet.