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July 7, 2022 7 Yellow Fashion Pieces for Summer

Why wouldn’t you consider yellow fashion pieces in summer? Yellow is the color of sunshine and limoncello!

That’s why we found 7 yellow fashion pieces that you should consider for your summer looks.

1. Mini

Add a mini in electric yellow to any outfit to bring all the summer vibes.

photo of person in yellow fashion pieces

2. Plaid

Your next thrifted treasure hunt needs to include a piece (or three) in yellow plaid!

photo of person in yellow fashion pieces

3. Headband

Maybe you just want to test the waters first. Give yellow a try with something as simple as a headband.

photo of person in yellow fashion pieces

4. Cotton Skirt

Lightweight cotton or linen skirts are a summer go-to. Mix it up this year and find one in yellow.

photo of person in sweater and cotton skirt

5. Gingham

Yellow + gingham = summer fashion gold!

photo of person in gingham dress

6. Sweater

Even in summer, we still find ourselves packing a light sweater for evenings and cooler sea breezes. A yellow one is perfect!

photo of person in yellow sweater

7. Hat

A bucket hat is a great and stylish choice for summer, so why not try a yellow hat next?

photo of person in bucket hat

If you’re still looking for more summer trends to try this season, we have a whole bunch of them listed in our current selling guide. Get some fresh ideas for your closet, and then head over to any of our stores to shop!


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