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January 11, 2022 5 Fashion Trend Predictions for 2022

It’s 2022. It still looks weird every time I write it, but here we are making some 2022 fashion trend predictions!

I’ll start by saying the year may already feel as unpredictable as the last, but we are seeing some trends begin to stand out. Below are 5 that we currently have our eye on.

1. Ski-Inspired

Maybe it’s because outdoor activities are the best activities right now. Maybe it’s because we’re all dreaming of a snowy winter afternoon followed by warm drinks in the ski lodge. All we know is that we’re currently into sleek ski jackets, fine-knit sweaters, and shearling-lined booties.

photo of ski jacket

photo of ski sweater

photo of lined booties

2. Relaxed Fit Pants

We’re seeing lots of pants in looser fits, some high-waisted and some in a lower rise. They’re relaxed, just like we’re trying to be in 2022.

photo of slouchy pants

photo of pants

3. Cropped Tops & Jackets

The cropped trend was big in 2021 and remains on our radar. We started with cropped tees but have since added cropped jackets and even cropped suits.

photo of person in cropped jacket

photo of cropped jackets

4. ’80s/’90s Influence

We’re all still having so much fun finding and mixing ’80s and ’90s pieces, whether vintage or inspired. Add in the thrill of thrifting, and we don’t see this trend subsiding any time soon.

photo of people dressed in '90s fashion

photo of '90s outfit

photo of vintage Gucci bag

5. Body Suits

A bodysuit introduces so much ease to morning dressing! It’s becoming a basic layering piece in our wardrobes and we’re taking this trend from 2022 onward.

photo of Fendi bodysuit

Outside of these 5 fashion trend predictions for 2022, we have lots more to share on our winter selling guide.  Or visit any of our store locations to see what our fashion buyers are currently buying into the stores. They’re some of our favorite trendsetters!





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