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August 24, 2021 5 Ways to Wear Pleats

You’ve seen them listed in our fall selling guide. so you know we’re planning to wear pleats this fall.  In anticipation, we’re sharing 5 ways to wear pleats from now until winter.

1. Pleated Dresses

Pleats don’t have to be heavy. In fact, they’re best in silk satin, organza, and taffeta fabrics. We’ve picked two gorgeous dresses below to show you.

photo of person wearing pleats

photo of person wearing pleats

2. Tennis Skirts

These wide-pleated skirts are so popular we recently included them in our preppy round-up article here.

photo of person wearing tennis skirt

3. Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are the most classic and popular way to wear pleats. Add a blouse or turtleneck on top, and boots or loafers to complete the look.

photo of person wearing pleated pants

photo of person wearing pleated skirt

4. Head-to-Toe

Keep this in mind on your next shopping trip: you’ve struck gold if you find a matching top and bottom set in fine pleats!

photo of person wearing pleats

5. Silky Pants

A pair of lightweight pants in pleats will take you through the summer to fall transition. You can start by wearing them with tank tops and t-shirts, then move into chunky sweaters once the weather cools.

photo of black pleated pants

We’re sharing 5 ways to wear pleats now because it’s one of the thirty trends in our current Selling Guide. Click here to see it and learn which other trends we’re really, really excited about right now.


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